Danube horse breed

imgp4902Danube horse breed Historical review
The Danube horse is a Bulgarian breed created in the former Klementina Stud Farm, near the Town of Pleven by cross-breeding stud horses of Nonius breed with Nonius and Anglo-Arab breed mares, hot-blooded riding mares and such of local improved breeds.  In the beginning eight bloodlines of this breed were formed, and nowadays there are only 5 bloodlines left.

Exterior traits
This breed belongs to the draft and riding breeds. The Danube horses are distinguished for their great endurance and not being capricious about food. Horses of this breed have tall stature, long, massive and harmonic build. The Danube horse breed still remains a draft and partially a riding breed. It also has a good genetic relation with the Pure and the Hanover breed. So far, it has proven to have all the qualities necessary for producing sport horses. This is why the Danube horse breed is actively engaged in producing sport horses in Bulgaria. But still this should not affect selective breeding because it may lead to the extinction of this Bulgarian breed.

The drastic decrease of the population of the Danube horse breed raises the issue for the genetic preservation of this breed. The main aim is to lower and minimize the inbreeding ratio (breeding of closely related individuals). An important task for horse breeders and owners is to preserve the breed and the original purpose of the Danube horse. Substantially that means to preserve their tall stature, their long, massive and harmonic build and their docile temperament that allows them to easily get accustomed to being harnessed or ridden.